Reselling a steel framed house can be difficult because a proportion of lenders and insurance companies will not cover them.

Steel frame is a relatively rare form of house construction that became very popular for a period after World War Two to house people displaced after the war. A large number of them were intended to be built on a temporary basis, and were not built with the idea of them being occupied now.

As such, lenders deem these properties as ‘non-standard’

Due to this, lenders and home buyers should insist on a Building Survey rather than a Home Buyers Report, in order to inspect the condition of the steel frame.

Almost no lenders are prepared to lend on a steel framed house where this survey has not taken place.

However if the steel framed home has inuslation in its cavities the surveyor will not be able to visually inspect the steel frame with a borescope for signs of corrosion. Therefore most lenders will not lend on a steel framed home with insulation in its cavities.

We remove a insulation from many steel framed homes before they go to market on behalf of the seller so they do not loose a sale. With each sale lose, the propeprty sits on the market longer and the owner will almost certainly end up dropping the price of the home more than the cost to extract the insulation.

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