EPS Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation

We install your cavity walls market leading product EPS Bonded Beads

More heat is lost through the walls of your home than in any other way. By investing in cavity wall insulation you can significantly reduce the heat loss from your home. Maintaining the heat inside your home keeps you warm and cosy when you need to be. It also works in reverse by keeping your house cooler in the summer months.

Installing cavity wall insulation in your home will not only help to decrease your heating bills by saving energy lost through the walls, it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of CO² and other greenhouse gases emitted from your property.


    • The most advanced cavity wall insulation available to date
    • The ideal solution for hard to treat properties
    • A lambda value of just 0.033
    • 20% more efficient than rock and glass wool
    • 30% less drill holes when compared to the standard solution
    • BBA and BDA or KIWA approved for 40mm cavity widths


    • Cost effective – payback time – under 2 years
    • Up to 30% reduction on fuel bills
    • Provides high level of thermal efficiency
    • Reduces heat loss by around 70%
    • Reduces condensation and black mould growth
    • High exposure area approval

Deposit & Guarantee Protection

25 year Qualitymark insurance backed guarantees for insulation installs


Many houses since the late 1930’s were built with a cavity between the inner and outer walls. Due to this cavity, many of Britain’s homes have thermal performances which are well below the standards required by current building regulations, with unacceptably high levels of heat and energy loss through the walls. A system was introduced in the 1970’s to inject insulation into these cavity walls.

Cavity wall insulation is suitable for houses which have a cavity space of at least 40mm between bricks, and held together with wall ties. Unfortunately timber framed, steel framed, random stone and solid wall properties are not suitable for cavity wall insulation. However, they may be suitable for our external wall insulation.

The EPS Bonded Bead product is an innovative cavity wall insulation material that provides an extremely high level of thermal wall efficiency. The system is both BBA and KIWA certified and has quickly gained a reputation throughout the UK as one of the best and most trusted insulation systems yet seen for cavity wall installations.

Our bead is an industry leader in providing high performance, injected blown bead insulation systems. With outstanding cavity wall insulating properties our products are ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Providing 100% cavity fill with no cold spots, no waste and easy to install. Outstanding durability, water resistant and rot proof our bead product is the number one choice for insulation.

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Grants available

Depending on your households circumstances, funding could be available to contribute towards the cost of cavity wall insulation.

Additional Details

    • The bead is installed through holes drilled into the wall (hence cavity wall insulation). On existing properties the holes will be drilled through the external wall. On new build the holes would be drilled through the inside wall, prior to plastering or plasterboard. All the holes will be made good and are invisible after the job is completed.
    • The blown bead cavity wall insulation is extremely effective in both new build and existing properties.
    • Blown bead offers a proven 100% cavity fill, ensures no cold spots, gives fully guaranteed insulation and eliminates the need for bricklayers to install fitting boards – a time consuming process that can add as much 12% extra time spent on a build.
    • Blown beads in situ will not allow water to cross the wall construction. The beads themselves allow the safe dispersal of any water. The gaps that naturally occur between the spherical beads allow any water to drain down freely to the ground, rather than across to create damp problems on inside walls.
    • The structure of the installed blown bead allows the cavity to retain the ability to breathe as intended with the cavity wall insulation in place.
    • Outstanding durability – blown beads are rot proof, water resistant and sufficiently stable to remain effective as an insulation for the life of the building.
    • No settlement – as the blown beads are coated with an air drying bonding agent during installation. There is no possibility of settlement occurring. The insulation remains in place for the life of the building ensuring that it is not possible to create gaps at the top of the property.
    • A consistent density of insulation
    • Constant thermal projection throughout the installed area.No wastage – the beads flow unrestricted, totally filling the cavity, forming a homogeneous heat saving mass.A straightforward installation process that is time efficient and has a low H&SE liability.
    • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
    • Low GWP, less than 5 (Global Warming Potential)
    • CFC, HFC and HCFC free
    • No wastage on site
    • Green guide summary 'A' rating
    • 100% recyclable