Add Battery Storage

Add a battery to your energy producing network

Store energy during the day to use later

Use the battery to purchase off peak energy rates and store for later

Optimise your system for efficiency


Benefits of adding a battery to your system

Here are some key benefits of incorporating a battery storage system:

Energy Independence: By adding a battery to your solar PV system, you can store excess electricity generated during the day for use during nighttime or when sunlight is insufficient. This enables you to reduce reliance on the electrical grid and achieve greater energy independence.

Increased Self-Consumption: With a battery, you can maximize self-consumption of the solar energy you generate. Instead of exporting excess electricity back to the grid, which may not provide significant financial returns in some regions, you can store it for later use. This reduces your need to draw electricity from the grid during periods of low solar production, saving you money on energy bills.

Backup Power during Outages: One of the most significant advantages of adding a battery to your solar PV system is the ability to maintain power supply during grid outages. When the electrical grid goes down, the battery can provide a reliable source of electricity, keeping critical appliances or systems running, such as refrigeration, lighting, or commercial equipment. This is particularly valuable in areas prone to power disruptions or for those seeking reliable emergency backup power.

Time-of-Use Optimisation: In regions where energy companies implement time-of-use (TOU) pricing, a battery can help optimise energy consumption and minimize costs. During periods when electricity rates are high, such as peak hours, you can rely on stored energy from the battery rather than drawing power from the grid. This helps you avoid expensive peak-rate charges, reducing your overall electricity expenses.

Environmental Benefits: Adding a battery to your solar PV system promotes renewable energy utilisation and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. By storing excess solar energy and using it when needed, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

These advantages highlight the value proposition of incorporating a battery storage system with a solar PV installation. It's important to tailor these benefits to your requirement, whether it's residential homeowners, businesses, or specific industries, a battery can enhance your energy efficiency, cost savings, and reliability.

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