Renewable Energy For Your Home

We install Solar PV systems with inverters and battery options to suit your requirements. 


Reduce Energy Costs

Solar PV can generate a source of electricity for the home and reduces the need to draw power from the power grid and therefore lower your energy bills

Increase EPC Rating

Landlords maybe looking for ways to bring their properties to an EPC of C. Adding a 2.4Kw or 3.6Kw system maybe the golden ticket in conjunction with insulation.

Reliable Independence

Being able to produce your own energy allows the homeowner to have a back up. Adding a battery allows the homeowner to store energy or buy energy at cheaper times.

Why Choose Solar?

Many households across the UK are choosing to install solar PV panels to their homes. With ever increasing energy costs and even concerns about future energy reliability, solar allows the home owner to have control over their energy bills.

Why Choose
Arrow Insulation & Energy Solutions?


MCS Certified

We have our MCS accreditation which allows us to connect your solar to the national grid. Companies without MCS are not qualified to install your solar project


Highly accredited with Trustmark

Along with MCS we are also a Trustmark company operating to PAS standards in order to fulfil movement related works. We comply to CHAS, CITB, IAA and fully insured


Operating to consumer codes

Along with the accreditations we also operate to standards set by both REEC and WHICH? Trusted traders for your protection and peace of mind.


Established since 2014

We have been established with a long trading history first as an insulation company and now also installers of solar, batteries and car chargers since 2014


In-house certified teams

We do no use out source sub contracted teams, so we can be assured of the quality of the install from our own established teams, which is good news for you.


We are installers not sales teams

During our surveys and discussions we will try to develop the right package for your requirements, but we are not hard sales oriented, we will simply provide good advice along with a good service.


We offer Deposit Protection

We can offer a deposit protect through a third party for your peace of mind. Paying by credit card also affords you protection and we do accept all major cards.


Insurance backed guarantees.

Each product we use comes with long guarantees, but we also offer an insurance backed workmanship guarantee too, for your peace of mind.

How to get solar installed?

In a conversation we determin what your requirements are

We then draw up a design and specification including annual performance

We carry out an onsite techinical survey and introduce the design options

We order the equipement and arrange any required scaffolding

We carry out the full install in-house with our own trained staff

Add Battery Storage

Add a battery to your energy producing network

Store energy during the day to use later

Use the battery to purchase off peak energy rates and store for later

Optimise your system for efficiency

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles represent the future of transportation, offering environmental benefits such as reduced emissions, quieter operation, and significantly lower operational costs. On average, the annual cost of refueling an electric car is an impressive 58% less than that of a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle.

If you're seeking even greater savings on charging your electric vehicle, incorporate an EV charger into your existing solar energy system, as you can harness the power generated by your photovoltaic panels to charge your car. This approach is an exceptionally effective way to reduce your expenses while simultaneously shrinking your carbon footprint.

Add a Solar iBoost

The Solar iboost is an immersion diverter, that allows you free hot water powered by your Solar Panels. Cutting the cost of your water heating, and reducing the strain on your boiler.

By installing a Solar iBoost+ you will be simply maximising your use of free solar energy generation by your solar panels. 

Commercial Projects

We can offer a range of solutions for commercial projects, large and small.

Make a renewables enquiry

Check your electric bill to find your annual consumption, your bill should show you this figure.


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