When will Powerwall 3 be available in the UK?

The first batch of Tesla Powerwall 3 will be avaliable in the UK around Spetemeber or October. The Powerwall 2 is available still. 

We can reserve your Powerwall now and make sure you get yours this year.

Can Powerwall 3 be added to my existing Powerwall 2?

The Tesla Powerwall 3 can be added to other Powerwall 3 batteries, but cannot be added to Powerwall 2 batteries

Do I still need a solar inverter with my Powerwall 3?

The Powerwall 3 comes with its own integrated hybrid inverter, so the panels will connect straight to the Powerwall 3.

Can a Tesla Powerwall be installed without solar panels?

A Tesla Powerwall can be installed on its own, taking advantage of the off peak tariffs. Charging the Powerwall at off peak times when electricity is cheapest and then using the Tesla Powerwall at peak times will save you on your electric bill.

The Tesla Powerwall 3 also has backup functionality, which means your home can be powered in the event of a power cut.

Power cut?

The Powerwall 3 will have whole home backup, similar to the Powerwall 2.  It is also expected to be able to provide twice as much power meaning you can run more appliances while off grid.


The Powerwall 3 comes with a 10 Year Warranty

Tesla Powerwall 3