Loft Insulation

Knauf Earthwool and Isover Spacesaver are two of the best products available. They’re non combustible and help reduce outside noise, as well as keeping your home warm.

Loft Insulation Top Up

Your current loft insulation is not perfoming if it has not been replaced in the last 5 years as it shrinks and allows the air to pass through.

25% heat could be lost through the roof. If you have no loft insulation and you install the recommended 270mm - 300mm depth of quilted insulation material, you could save around £240(*Detached House, Source , Energy Saving Trust) a year on your heating bill.

The benefits of Loft Insulation are:

  • Significant reduction in heat loss
  • Savings to your heating bills
  • Quick & cost effective process
  • Home will be warm very quickly
  • No need to leave heating on for long period
  • Comfortable living environment maintained
  • More efficient fuel consumption
  • Contributes to help save the environment
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Frequently asked loft insulation questions

How much loft insulation do I need?

The recommended amount of loft insulation for maximum effectiveness is 270mm or 10-12 inches.

How is loft insulation installed?

The Loft Insulation Technicians arrive at your home and roll out the first layer between the joists if no insulation is present. They will then cross-lay the final layer.

How long does it take to insulate a loft?

Installing loft insulation can take on average up to two hours. This could vary for larger properties with bigger loft spaces.

Do I need to clear my loft before installation?

Yes, you do. It can be daunting thinking about clearing your loft space, especially if you are one of those who store items from years gone by, mixed in with a Christmas Tree or two. Loft Insulation Technicians need a clear loft to insulate it effectively, therefore moving old boxes and stored objects is necessary before the installation.

I want to use my loft space for storage. Can I board over my loft insulation?

The installer can leave a small section close to your hatch for storage, boarding over your insulation is not recommended as once laid the insulation will recover to the depth installed. Boarding directly over the top will interfere with the performance of the insulation and recovery.

What if I have no ladder to the loft space?

Loft Insulation Technicians will set up access equipment to enter the loft. It is best practice, for Technicians to use company-issued ladders for health and safety reasons unless existing ladders are secured to the loft hatch.

How big does the loft height have to be for installers to work in it?

A loft height of 1.4 meters is required for Loft Insulation Technicians to work safely whilst installing loft insulation.

Can I still install loft insulation if I have a small loft hatch?

Yes, you can, as the rolls can be split. Recommended minimum loft hatch size is 300mm x 450mm.

Is there much mess when loft insulation is installed?

Reputable installers on entering your home will lay down dust sheets and a floor protector to minimise any mess.

Why get loft insulation professionally installed?

Some people choose to insulate their loft themselves. However, it’s best to bring in an experienced installer to insulate your loft most effectively. They have the expertise, and safety equipment and should have the necessary accreditations – like the TrustMark accreditation. It also removes the hassle of laying insulation in a hot and uncomfortable environment.