Knauf Earthwool & Isover Spacesaver Insulation

Knauf Earthwool and Isover Spacesaver are two off the best products available. They’re non combustible and help reduce outside noise, as well as keeping your home warm.

We remove your old insulation and replace with new in your attic space.

We install your more traditional loft insulation earthwool. Your current loft insualtion is not perfoming if it has not been replaced in the last 5 years as it shrinks and allows the air to pass through. 

25% heat could be lost through the roof. If you have no loft insulation and you install the recommended 250mm - 300mm depth of quilted insulation material, you could save around £240(*Detached House, Source , Energy Saving Trust) a year on your heating bill.

The benefits are:

  • Significant reduction in heat loss
  • Savings to your heating bills
  • Quick & cost effective process
  • Home will be warm very quickly
  • No need to leave heating on for long period
  • Comfortable living environment maintained
  • More efficient fuel consumption
  • Contributes to help save the environment
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