We are performing more and more installs for new homes and extensions. Developers and builders are finding that building inspectors are becoming more ridged on brick ties having their drip points in the centre of the cavity between an layer of insulation board and outer layer. The consequences of this not being the case can be to remove the outer wall and start again.

Getting the brick ties lining up, the cost of insulation board and the time to fit add up to bing more time consuming and more expensive than filling the whole cavity with Thermabead. By using Thermabead we can simply fill the full cavity adding more insulation value, negating the moisture issues and it can be done in just a few hours.
Building inspectors like the Thermabead product as its U value is excellent and doesn’t hold moisture or allow water to cross the cavities.
If you are a developer or builder why get in touch to find if this works for you.