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Old Buildings

This is an old mill with accommodation blocks used for events. It was built between 200 and 300 years ago and utilises the Mill, a cottage and stables which are bunk rooms now.

With a high heating bill and need to reduce expenses and their carbon footprint insulation the accommodation block and a section of the cottage are paramount.

With any project like this there are options. However due to the listing of the buildings, external wall insulation is not viable. Although solid wall there has been an internal wall insulation set up some years ago. This could be ripped out and redone, however that would require lots of other work in the interior that there is not the time or inclination for.

The other section we can look at is insulating the roof. There are plasterboards with a void beneath the tiles. This area can be filled with Lapolla spray foam. Injecting sections will provide a thermal seal of the building. It will make a huge difference, combined with the glazing and heating changes they have planned.

There is also a suspended room that looses heat through its roof and through the floor which is over a parking space. Both the roof and the floor can be sprayed with our Lapolla spray foam to significantly reduce the heat loss.

In the main cottage there is an attic space. Contain with plasterboard with a void to the lower layers of thatch roofing, we can apply our Closed Cell Lapolla Spray Foam. Not only would this create thermal barrier but offer a strong degree of protection against fire and water damage too.

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