You may qualify for a grant to install free insulation!

There are energy saving schemes that you may qualify for that will pay for wall cavity insulation, internal wall insulation and even wall cavity extraction.

The process for you is simple, just fill out the below form. The formula is complex, but we can very quickly let you know if you qualify. 

Below is a guide to see if you qualify, if you claim any of the benefits from the list AND your home resmebles anything of the descriptions:

Are you claiming any of the below:

  • Housing Benefit

  • Pension Credit (Savings Credit)

  • Any tax credits where the household is not HHCRO eligible (Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit)

  • Carer’s Allowance

  • Council Tax Reduction

  • A Disability Benefit (incl. Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment)

Does your home resemble any of these:

  • The home has an EPC with an E, F or G energy efficiency rating

  • The homes heating source is electric
  • The home has no or a maximum of 100mm loft insulation

  • The primary heating source for the home is not mains natural gas

  • The home is large – with four or more bedrooms

  • The main wall type of the home is uninsulated solid wall or cavity wall

  • The home is a flat above business premises

  • The home is a system built property

  • The home is privately rented

  • The household uses a prepayment meter

  • Through disability, health or other condition the home is occupied for long periods or needs to be heated to abnormally high temperatures. (Note that most residents in this category will also qualify under the LIVC criteria set out below)

Grant Application Form

Fill out the form and we will let you know shortly if you qualify for free cavity wall insulation.