External Wall Insulation & Render

For a Warmer Home and More Curb Appeal

External Wall Insulation

We install external insulation on your solid walls and render over the top for a fresh new look.

45% of your homes heat is lost through the solid walls.

Installing external wall insulation to your home will not only help to decrease your heating bills by saving energy lost through the walls, it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of CO² and other greenhouse gases emitted from your property.

What is a solid wall?

  • 9” masonry walls and other non-traditional construction types such as single leaf masonry, >9” walls (e.g. thick stone walls)
  • Concrete walls, metal or timber panels and some mixed wall types (e.g. Where the ground and first floors are constructed of different materials)
  • BRE estimate that around 7% of unfilled cavity wall stock cannot receive CWI.
  • High rise flats (at least 6 storeys high) – esp. 1953-1972

Why Externally Insulate?

  • The To meet the Decent Homes Standard
    • A decent home is windproof, weathertight and warm, with modern facilities
    • The Government expects all homes to meet this standard
  • The Increases thermal quality of the buildingParticularly relevant when refurbishing non-traditional housing
  • The Overcomes moisture/condensation issues
    Protects the existing building envelope
  • The Reduces heating bills by 25%
  • The Improves the building's appearance



  • Can help with condensation problem
  • Makes your home warm and cosy
  • Reduces fuel bills
  • Saves up to 45% of heat loss
  • Minimum disruption for the householder
  • External Wall Insulation: Improves appearance of the building
Insulation of the house with polyfoam.

Deposit & Guarantee Protection

25 year Qualitymark insurance backed guarantees for insulation installs



Installation is done over various stages to complete the works. A very basic overview is as follows:

  • Firstly the walls are scrubbed with an anti fungle and any loose render removed along with drain pipes and other furniture on the walls.
  • A layer of adhesive is added and the insualtion boards are places against the walls and then pinned into place as well.
  • A basecoast is added followed by mesh to give it strength.
  • A render primer is then used to flatten and smooth the system and provide a surface for the render,
  • A choice of renders in almost any colour can be then be added for the finshed look.
  • Pipes and fittings are then added back on the wall once more.

Do you have a solid wall?

If you have solid walls, then they’re almost certainly not insulated - but the first thing you need to find out is what sort of walls you have.

If you can see the brickwork on the outside of the house, look at the pattern of the bricks as this can show how the wall has been built. If your home has solid walls, the bricks will have an alternating pattern, with some bricks laid across the wall so you can see the smaller ends from the outside.

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The Render

Renders provide a variety of choices for who you wish your home to look after the work is completed.

We would recommmend a silicon based redner as it is easier to maintain. However you can choose from almost any colour and we can mix to order. Dark greys and blacks are more expensive. You can also choose the level of textured finish too, but mostly will be 1 or 1.5 mm grit.

render coat color chart