Where does your home lose energy?

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Superior energy efficiency mostly depends on creating a better air seal. Wall insulation is a significant issue in home energy savings, but there are other factors that will lower home energy efficiency.

Doors and Windows

Moisture Control

Water and moisture in the building envelope is the single, greatest threat to building durability in residential construction. In addition to causing building-durability issues, moisture can create ideal conditions for mold growth, which can dramatically impact occupant health.

Ceilings, Outer Walls Floors and Crawlspaces

Air Leakage

Unsealed, responsible for about a third of the air leakage in a home.


As much as 40% of energy loss is due to air infiltration. Therefore, the most effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home is to seal it with foam.

What is an airtight home?


Designing, building or retrofitting an AirTight home is a professional approach to identifying traditional building envelope problems and correcting them through the use of spray foam insulation and other air sealing products. Conventional insulation products do not address many of the building envelope concerns that exist today such as:

  • Air infiltration
  • Vapor Drive
  • Non-Conventional Framing
  • Non-ventilated attics/crawl spaces

Insulation should add value to energy savings, indoor air quality, safety, durability and comfort. AirTight SprayFoam insulation is designed to meet all of these demands. With the addition of AirTight SprayFoam, homeowner’s gain “peace of mind” that their home delivers maximum protection against energy loss and maximum comfort for their family.

The vital role of spray foam

Architects and consultants are now stressing the importance of air barriers like spray foam insulation in building design and construction. This is partly because many buildings constructed in the past had no air barriers and experienced major failures in terms of moisture damage and mould caused by condensation, which stemmed from air leakage.

In addition, research shows that without an air barrier, insulation cannot deliver optimal energy efficiency or comfort. This is why blower door tests are commonly required to measure air tightness in new or renovated buildings.

How it works

Spay foam insulation is like no other insulation option: it acts as a comprehensive air, moisture and thermal barrier - eliminating your need to specify multiple products for these important envelope functions.

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Spray foam effectively seals the building envelope, filling in and cracks and crevices- the common source of air and moisture infiltration as well as temperature variations.

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The below before and after slide show a typical attic installation.

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