Spray foam insulation

Spray foam is one of the most effective insulation solutions around, and is quickly becoming a preferred choice for consumers. Energy prices have been rising year on year, regardless of who your supplier is. As a result, more and more businesses and homeowners are looking for quality insulation systems that can keep a structure warm without incurring excessive costs.

Attics & Loft Spaces


Lapolla Sray Foam can be used in two common ways to insulate your attic space and protect your home from in climate weather and moisture related damages – Vented and Non-Vented Attic spaces.

In a Vented attic, insulation is used on the attic floor to insulate the living space from seasonal heat and/or cold. Spray foam is used where traditional insulation would be; between the floor joists. The rest of the attic (ie: the roof assembly) is left un-insulated and ventilation is incorporated into the gable, soffit, and ridge vents throughout the roof structure.

In a Non-Vented attic, insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing to insulate the entire attic from seasonal heat and/or cold. Spray foam is installed between the roof rafters, along the soffit areas and directly to all exterior surfaces such as gable walls, dormers, etc., to produce an air tight building envelope.

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Lapolla Spray Foam has the following benefits:

  • Thermal Insulation to keep your home warm and cosy
  • It offers fantastic acoustic properties and is added between floors for sound proofing.
  • It offers a fire barrier.
  • It is able to significantly reduce or eliminate condensation.
  • Its airtight qualities prevents wasps, bats and other pests moving in.
  • Can aid in helping those with respiratory issues keeping the outside air out.
  • Can offer up to 45% reduction in energy costs.
  • Offers a 25 year warrenty.

Further benefits

  • Lapolla Spray Foam is the most efficient spray foam insulation in the UK.
  • Lapolla Spray Foam is the most accredited spray foam in the UK by the BBA. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is a construction industry approvals body.
  • Can reduce Insurance with some companies.
  • Increase your EPC rating which can add value to your home.
  • Due to the airtight properties it can reduce the regulated space required between the roof and ceiling for those who are converting an attic to a extra room, not just offering a thermal benefit but increase space.

Spray foam for commercial applications

Spray foam insulation is not just limited to the home. We have carried out commercial projects to storage facilities, factories and farms. With its ability to thermal insulate along with its ability to add strength, provide security, prevent pests and eliminate condensation it is seen to have many qualities that make for an economic choice in many commercial applications.

There are European Funds for insulting commercial buildings that should exist after Brexit.

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Spray foam for under suspended floors

Spray foam insulation for underneath your wooden floors works brilliantly to remove draft and hold more warmth within.

The open cell foam also allows the wooden floors to breath whilst protecting them from damp. If your homes floors feel cold or you notice a draft coming through them, consider insulating them.

We need to have access under the floors to be able to spray. This means a significnatly large crawl space or basement must be present to get a team member in position.

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As much as 40% of energy loss is due to air infiltration. Therefore, the most effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home is to seal it with foam.