Supply & Fit for New Builds and Refurbs

These services are for commercial activites either with new build projects or refurbs converting buildings such as offices into homes.

We can review your plans, source the the best cost/type of materials and fit them with our experianced teams. This saves you time and money at every stage whilst acheiving the quality results speceifed. 

Acoustic and Thermal Design Plan Review

Allow our team to review your plans with regard to the design of acoustic and thermal insulation.

We will be able to achieve better results with using a different combination of materials saving your project from overspending. This is critical now that material prices are rising.

  • We review your plans
  • Create a new design plan for acoustic or thermal insulation
  • Costing less investment
  • Achieving required values
  • Using quality like for like materials
  • Arranging the ordering & deleviery process
  • Using our teams speed and experiance to fit
  • Making your job easier

Supply & Fit for Acoustics

We can supply and fit a range of acoustic systems:

    • Acoustic Floor coverings - Board systems (including Cradle and Batten systems)
    • Acoustic Floor coverings - Resilient Layers
    • Resilient Barriers and Underlays to pass a sound test
    • Flexible layers to improve airborne sound
    • Flexible layers to improve finished laminate floors
    • Flexible layers to enhance concrete floors
    • Resilient Underscreeds
    • Acoustic Wall Systems
    • Acoustic Ceiling Systems
    • Acoustic Isolation and Cavity Seals
    • Roof Systems

Supply & Fit for Thermal Insulation

We can supply and fit a range of isulation systems:

    • PIR boards for floors, roofs & timber framed sections.
    • Cavity wall beads
    • Glass insulation 
    • Multifoil
    • Ceiling insulations pads