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Typical locations to insulate

With Spray Foam

Loft Insulation

Loft or attic spaces are the most common location for spray foam insulation to prevent the warm air rising out of the house and being lost through the roof spaces. The old fibre glass insulation does not perform well and shrinks to allow gaps. It also creates condensation. The spray foam will not loose performance and will help eliminate the condensation.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation with spray foam is significantly better than the beads that had been popular but theythey left voids for the cold air and damp within the cavity as the beads moved. The spray foam is injected to fill the cavity air tight, dramatically increasing the walls thermal barrier and also provides water resistance and fire retardant along with sound proofing.

Ceiling & Floor Insulation

A growing and popular reason for insulating is between floor spaces, particularly in flats, to reduce noise from the neighbour above. The foam significantly dampens the noise as well as providing energy saving insulation, keeping your flat warmer and not paying to heat the one above. It will also provide water resistance from above and being a fire retardant.

Commercial & Other Insulation

We also provide insulation for commercial buildings to reduce costs, farm building to keep livestock warm and animal feed dry and retail spaces. We also do static caravan, sprayed underneath against loosing warmth and keeping pipes from freezing. Garages, cabins, camper van conversions, marine applications are possible.

Advantages of Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

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Arrow Insulation

Saves You money

Spray foam insulation will reduce your annual energy costs. The air-tight seal helps keep conditioned air inside the structure to reduce heat loss. As a result, you’ll spend less on heating in winter and make overall savings. An insulated home provides a more attractive choice for buyers, if you plan on selling in the future. Savings start as soon as the insulation is applied.

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Arrow Insulation

Increases Comfort

Once the spray foam is applied, you’ll be able to enjoy increased levels of comfort. Insulation eradicates drafts, and reduces cold and hot spots throughout the home by closing any gaps present. The result is an even temperature throughout the property. If you live in a noisy area, you will be able to enjoy reduced sound levels thanks to the spray foam seal.

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Arrow Insulation

Healthier Living

Many illnesses, like asthma and allergies, are often caused by airborne pollutants such as dust, dirt, carbon monoxide and many more. By choosing spray foam insulation, your home will be sealed from a wide range of particles in the air. Many customers notice a positive difference in their health after installation.

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Arrow Insulation

No more mould & pests

The protective features include a reduction in the accumulation of moisture, lessening the chance of mould appearing. Plus, the insulation helps deter pests from coming into your foam. A solid layer of insulation helps seal potential weak points, making it more difficult for insects and rodents to enter.

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Arrow Insulation

Reclaims Space

Extra insulation is often added to the ground, rather than roof line. The result is a reduced storage area, as boards no longer fit after the installation. Spray foam can be applied to the roof line, increasing storage, height and practicality and letting you retain your storage and loft space.

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Arrow Insulation

Lifetime Warranty

Spray foam insulation contributes to overall structural stability, depending on the thickness and application of the material on installation. Plus, all installations are carried out by Lapolla & AirTight licensed installers and come with manufacturer lifetime limited warranty*.

The most effective insulation solution available

Spray foams superb ability to seal the envelope ensure the highest performance in energy efficiency, energy cost savings, indoor comfort and air quality - making it the premier insulation choice of architect and builders today.

A seamless airtight solution

Lapolla's insulation system for interior walls & lofts provides a seamless airtight solution…which, unlike conventional insulation materials, is spray applied.

Insulation is one of the most important aspects of the specification of a home for a number of reasons:

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Achieves maximum U-values Air tightness
  • Thermal conductivity as low as 0.025 W/mk
  • Eliminates air infiltration
  • Fast to apply and quick to cure
  • Flexibility in use
  • One solution, many applications

Spray foam insulation is designed for internal walls and lofts, but can also be applied to floors, soffits and, with minimal change in formulation, can be used for cavity wall insulation and stabilization.

Existing homes

Re-insulating part, or all, of your home. Through our energy assessment, we present to you the parts of your home that require the most insulation to decrease your energy loss. Usually this involves adding spray foam insulation to your attic, crawl space(s) and/or walls.

You can also retrofit part of your home that has never had insulation. We’ll assess these areas and provide a spray foam insulation estimate to maintain a low energy use. Occasionally homeowners need a wall, ceiling or flooring insulated to prevent drafts.

Application for existing homes


Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation can be used in two common ways to insulate your attic space and protect your home from in climate weather and moisture related damages – Vented and Non-Vented Attic spaces.

In a Vented attic, insulation is used on the attic floor to insulate the living space from seasonal heat and/or cold. Spray foam is used where traditional insulation would be; between the floor joists. The rest of the attic (ie: the roof assembly) is left un-insulated and ventilation is incorporated into the gable, soffit, and ridge vents throughout the roof structure.

In a Non-Vented attic, insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing to insulate the entire attic from seasonal heat and/or cold. Spray foam is installed between the roof rafters, along the soffit areas and directly to all exterior surfaces such as gable walls, dormers, etc., to produce an air tight building envelope.

Air sealing

Airflow through cracks and holes in the walls, ceiling and floor is referred to as air infiltration. In addition to the use of spray foam, air infiltration is minimized by caulking and sealing the building envelope. A home that is not sealed for air infiltration will be uncomfortable due to drafts and will use about 30% more energy than a well sealed home. Controlling air infiltration is one of the most cost-effective energy-efficiency measures in modern construction practices.

New home insulation

Have a new home being built, or have construction already in progress? Request for a spray foam estimate once the foundation and frame have been completed. Our insulators can provide an estimate at this level of construction.

How it works

Spay foam insulation is like no other insulation option: it acts as a comprehensive air, moisture and thermal barrier - eliminating your need to specify multiple products for these important envelope functions.

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Spray foam effectively seals the building envelope, filling in and cracks and crevices- the common source of air and moisture infiltration as well as temperature variations.

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The below before and after slide show a typical attic installation.

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25 Year Warranty

All spray foam installations are carried out by Lapolla licensed installers.

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