Why be concerned about your pointing

Repointing brickwork is an essential house maintenance project.

When you consider that the mortar you use when repointing brickwork can make up as much as 15% of the overall surface area of the exterior of your home, be it of brick or stone construction, it becomes apparent what a huge impact this element has, not only on the stability and performance of your home, but also on its final appearance.

Poorly-mixed mortar, aged mortar or inappropriate materials not only spoil best brickwork it is a primary defence against water ingress and as such is a critical aspect of a home maintenance schedule.

Repointing brickwork should be high on the priority list as it can often be a source of leaks and a cause of damp in homes.

This in turn can lead to mould and a colder home. Both water, wind and cold air will pentrate the mortar.


If your home suffers from bad pointing, it would be a good idea to have it repointed before any further damage is caused by damp penetrating the walls.

Its a good time to repoint the home after we have insulated the walls. That way eveidence left from drilling and filling is removed by the new pointing. 

This way you home looks fresh again, whilst also being water tight and thermally efficient.

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For a great fresh look, have the home repointed and then treated with Properla for a fresh and waterproof barrier.