Why be concerned about your flat roof?

If your flat roof is aging, lifting, spiliting, tearing or leaking it will be causing damp issues in your home and causing energy loss.

If left untreating the damp can cause damage and mould. You maybe leaking water into your cavities or loft spaces. This in turn could damge any insualtion you may have in place.

We can repalce your flat roof with Alitra Flat Roof Membranes.

Ask us to quote for your flat roof requirements.

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Your advantages with EVALON®


EVALON® waterproofing membranes are high-quality synthetic membranes for single-ply sealing. The extraordinarily high percentage of high polymeric solids make them particularly homogeneous, soft and elastic. At the same time, they are particularly stable and resistant to common chemical environmental loads, resistant to root and rhizome penetration as well as bitumen compatible and suitable for direct application on any standardised bituminous sheets and insulation materials.

Optimal waterproofing concept for any roof geometry and any laying method.

Your advantages with EVALON®

  • quick and easy handling even with unconventional roof shapes
  • long-term reliability through welding of homogeneous material
  • direct laying on any standardised bituminous sheets and insulation materials
  • high thermal and mechanical resistance
  • resistant to root and rhizome penetration according to FLL testing
  • unproblematic installation under wear layers
  • extremely low vapour diffusion resistance
  • high resistance to damaging radiation
  • high heat ray reflection – ideal for cool roofs
  • five times lower fire load compared to double ply waterproofing
  • comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) incl. life cycle assessment of the individual waterproofing membrane systems and laying methods

Green advantages with EVALASTIC®


EVALASTIC® waterproofing membranes are special EPDM membranes combining the requirements for a high-quality, long-term reliable roof sealing with the ecological advantages of synthetic and rubber technology. The specific material properties allow for easy, flexible and precise application through homogeneous material welding with standard hot-air welding devices. A clean job!

Green advantages with EVALASTIC®

  • high-quality EPDM membrane
  • absolutely free from bitumen, plasticizers, PVC, chlorine or the like
  • bitumen-compatible
  • compatible with all kinds of insulation materials
  • homogeneous on-site seam welding by simple and environmentally friendly hot air jointing
  • outstanding resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • extremely high resistance to low temperatures
  • universally applicable in all climate zones
  • exemplary life cycle assessment results: long service life with carefully selected resources
  • can be recycled