Grants for Dorset based businesses

If your business is based in Dorset, you employ less than 250 people and your turnover is less than 50 Million Euros you may qualify for a grant.

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Spray foam for commercial applications

Spray foam insulation is not just limited to the home. We have carried out commercial projects to storage facilities, factories and farms. With its ability to thermal insulate along with its ability to add strength, provide security, prevent pests and eliminate condensation it is seen to have many qualities that make for an economic choice in many commercial applications.

There are European Funds for insulting commercial buildings that should exist after Brexit.

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Static Caravans & Parks

Static caravans really befinet hugely by having the underside of their floor insulated with srpay foam. Not only do they loose much of their heat through their floor which the insulation can prevent but the insulation will also encapsulate the water pipes which will prevent them from freezing and breaking.

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Marine Applications

The open cell insualtion will provide the thermal insulation rproperties required on a vessel, but will also not create condenstation. So its a win win.

The closed cell insulation can add structural strength to the hull and deck areas during build or refit periods.

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